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The Citroen CBS is an affordable solution for wheelchair users to drive from a wheelchair . These Citroen Berlingo gives wheelchair users freedom of choice and independence. You have the choice whether they want to be the driver or passenger and the driver can operate easily swap places.

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KIA Carnival

The Carnival is the perfect solution for people with handicaps. For using a ramp for the side the floor has to be lowered and the entry for the person is not so difficult.

In the inside is enough place to move with the wheelchair. With a special modification it is possible to drive with the wheelchair directly behind the steering wheel. Alternatively it is possible that the person is doing a transfer to the driver-seat or co-driver-seat.

This car is a perfect solution for all who can not load the wheelchair by himself but don't want to drive a really big car.

Behind the extended slide-door the all the mechanic of the ramp is placed. So it is protected by mud and weather influences.

The elektrical Ramp is situated in the Inside on the right side in standby-modus. In front of the slide-door. The lowered floor makes it easy to enter the car with a wheelchair. In this car we don't use an optional suspension kit to lower the car furthermore. With this mechanic the entrance could be more easy. Also the right slide-door could be modified with an electrical closing mechanism.

Steeringwheel-accelerator with hand-brake-system.

2 different driving-modi: soft and sporty.

Steeringwheel-accelerator behind the steeringwheel attached. So you have a clear view of the dashboard.

Hand-accelerator and Hand-Brake-system are deactiveatable.

Approved for every person with a corresponding entry in the driving license.




For Self Drivers
For Passengers
For Passengers
For Self Drivers and Passengers